Top 15 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs You Should Consider in 2022 (According to Glassdoor Ranking)

1) Enterprise Architect — Rank #1

  • Hire, train, and assign responsibilities to the team
  • Prepare proposals and estimates for the design and execution of IT systems.
  • Use curative measures when the project plan is off course.
  • Synchronize business needs with IT systems
  • Monitor the work of the team during the project making

2) Full-Stack Developer — Rank #2

  • Handle and guide the analyzing, writing, building, and deployment of software
  • Manage the whole end-to-end process of software and application development
  • Supervise the automated testing and provide helpful feedback to management during the development process
  • Modify changes to previously developed programs
  • Test the software and application

3) Data Scientist — Rank #3

  • Create and experiment frameworks for data collection
  • Collect data through analyzing business results or setting up and managing new studies
  • Identify valuable data from large data sets.
  • Find actionable insights
  • Create reports and presentations for business uses

4) DevOps Engineer — Rank #4

  • Guide teams in designing, building, testing, and deploying changes to existing software
  • Maintain and improve the company’s cloud infrastructure
  • Identify manual processes that can be automated.
  • Consider the organization’s entire IT infrastructure before making changes and improvements.
  • Build integrations to improve UX or user experience

5) Machine Learning Engineer — Rank #6

  • Design machine learning systems
  • Conduct machine learning tests and experiments
  • Perform statistical analysis and fine-tuning based on test results
  • Research and implement ML algorithms and tools
  • Train and retrain systems when needed

6) Data Engineer — Rank #7

  • Assist with data-related technical issues
  • Build analytical tools to operate the data pipeline
  • Provide actionable data insight into performance metrics
  • Identify, design, and implement internal process improvements, which include re-designing infrastructure for greater scalability, optimizing data delivery, and automating manual processes.
  • Assemble big, complex sets of data that meet non-functional and functional business requirements

7) Software Engineer — Rank #8

  • Create diagrams, flowcharts, and models illustrating the type of code needed for programmers
  • Design, test, and develop programs or software to meet user needs based on their analysis.
  • Develop separate elements of a single software that worlds well in the program as a whole
  • Recommend upgrades for existing systems and programs
  • Ensure non-stop functionality of programs during maintenance and software testing

8) Java Developer — Rank #9

  • Write well-written code that runs efficiently.
  • Design and implement Java applications
  • Test completed software and debug when necessary.
  • Communicate with end-users to analyze their needs
  • Analyzing code, requirements, system risks, and software reliability.

9) Back-end Engineer — Rank #11

  • Generate code libraries that can be recycled
  • Implement security systems
  • Inspect server codes for speed optimization
  • Maintain a stable server
  • Keep backup library before large changes to the server

10) Cloud Engineer — Rank #12

  • Plan and design cloud computing applications and services
  • Implement a disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan to avoid loss of data
  • Use programming languages like C++, Java, and Python to program code for the cloud system.
  • Develop a support system to keep the cloud system secure and to interconnect all devices within a company.
  • Assist with the development of cloud-based infrastructure

11) Information Security Engineer — Rank #15

  • Supervise projects that guarantee the safety of critical information
  • Analyze security systems and seek improvements
  • Report possible threats and software errors and provide possible solutions
  • Test company software, firmware, and firewalls
  • Assists with cybersecurity, software, hardware, or IT needs

12) Salesforce Developer — Rank #18

  • Maintain websites and applications both for public and internal sites
  • Work with Web Designers, Project Managers, Copywriters, Creative Directors, and others who assist in creating websites and their concepts.
  • Implement web solutions and best practices
  • Assist Project Managers in keeping development tasks on budget and schedule and with planning site redesigns and updates
  • Edit websites and apps as needed

13) Automation Engineer — Rank #21

  • Design and implement automated systems for use in diverse manufacturing and production environments
  • Conduct and lead collaborative meetings with leadership and key stakeholders to discuss the product updates, changes, and improvements
  • Create detailed road maps to guide projects from conception to deployment
  • Identify issues, write reports, and provide solutions or recommendations.
  • Collaborate with Web Designers, Project Managers, Copywriters, Creative Directors, and others who assist in creating websites and their concepts.

14) Site Reliability Engineer — Rank #29

  • Develop software that helps operations and support teams
  • Fix escalation issues
  • Optimizing on-call rotations and processes
  • Documenting knowledge about the project for future reference
  • Improve the site’s reliability and quality

15) Systems Engineer — Rank #30

  • Coordinate with the Executive, Product, Data, and Design teams during the creation and maintenance of a system
  • Create control features to make sure systems effectively meet the company’s standards
  • Develop a cost-efficient system for projects by performing a cost-benefit analysis
  • Engage in quality control to ensure the systems are operational and efficient.
  • Ensure that the organization is operating at maximum efficiency, from manufacturing to distribution

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